Our Staff

Grand Master Hatem Abdin

Qatar Martial Arts Centre Manager
QMC founder, Kukkiwon and Chang Moo Kwan 8th Dan black belt, international referee and coach, first to introduce Taekwondo in Qatar since 1977, Qatar Taekwondo team coach for 6+ years, Qatar Police Academy and Special Forces head coach.

Master Wissam El-Sharkawi

Assistant Manager
7th Dan Black belt Chang Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon certified black belt (Poom – Dan) Examiner, Vice President of the Middle East region in the World Taekwondo Masters Union, Reference link for his profile( http://www.wtmu.org/middle-eastern)

Master Abdulhalim Hatem Abdin

Head coach
QMC Head coach, Kukkiwon 6th Dan and Chang Moo Kwan 7th Dan, international and national Champion for several years, 13 years coaching experience, certified personal trainer and Crossfit Level 1 trainer.

Master Anwar Abdin

Team Manager
QMC Team manager, Kukkiwon 4th Dan and Chang Moo Kwan 5th Dan, National champion, and national referee.

Master Mohamed

Karate Head coach
QMC Karate head coach, 4th Dan WKF, National coach and National referee

Master Ali Al-Banna

Kickboxing Head Coach
QMC kickboxing head coach, 6th Dan black belt from the world kickboxing federation, National and international champion